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Don't over complicate it, Life Coaching is simply spending time every week talking about your life and how you can improve it.

Remember, Life Coaching is not therapy. It is goal management!

If you have serious goals, you have to take your goals seriously and Life Coaching gives you the opportunity to do just that. Whether your goals is personal, professional or a mix of both, spending one hour every week single-mindedly focusing on your goals will help you to make continual progress.

You will have the opportunity to evaluate the progress you have made already and identify the next steps that you can take immediately. As your coach, it will be my job to hold you accountable to your own goals and encourage your progress. 

Everyone has that one thing that they have always wanted to do but have been putting off doing, without any substantial reason. Maybe you wanted to start a business but the time was never right or the opportunity never presented itself (spoiler alert - opportunities very rarely present themselves in obvious ways). Having a Life Coach means identifying the first steps towards that goal and saying you will do it. This will form part of your Action Plan for the week ahead. After you have identified your next step and committed to it, in you next session, the first thing we will do is look at your Action Plan to see what you achieved and if you took the action you committed to. It is proven that this accountability will increase your chances of both achieving and surpassing the goals you set. Don't worry, all of your weekly goals will be manageable and geared towards what you want. 

Achieving your goals and moving your life in the direction that you want will ultimately lead to a more fulfilled and happy life - and that is what we all want. 

What Exactly is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is a tool you can use to maximize your life! This is by using weekly sessions to talk about and plan how to achieve your goals, no matter what they are.

Life Coaching creates accountability to your own goals with weekly check-ins to ensure progression is continual. I do this because I know how easy it is to look at huge goals as daunting and to put them off. Weekly check-ins prevent this from happening. 

Another benefit is that Life Coaching takes those huge goals that you have and breaks them up into tangible steps that you can achieve by taking immediate action. 

Do not underestimate the benefit of taking time once per week to look at your life holistically and deciding how to move forward. We all have many goals, both personally and professionally, and it is important to think about how all of this fits together. I can help you with that.

What Will Your Sessions Look Like?



Review last week's Action Plan to ensure you done what you said you would. 

Celebrate successes, evaluate failures and explore whether you could have done more.


Review Goals &
Set Tartgets

Check on progression of existing goals and introduce new goals. 

Ensure all of your goals can co-exist with each other and the rest of your life.


Next Steps

Discuss how to move forward in each of your goals. 

This defines tangible immediate actions you take to progress with your goals. 

This breaks huge and daunting goals into smaller achievable steps.


Action Plan

Agree actions that will be taken prior to next session. 

This creates accountability to your own goals and gives you a concrete list of actions to take. 

You can do more than what is on the list but not less. 

Transparent Costing

Life Coaching by design works best when done consistently. This is the same for the client and the coach, as there is much more time spent working on new clients outside of the sessions. For this reason, single sessions are costed at a higher rate. 

Before deciding how to move forward, all new clients will have one free session to decide if we will be a good fit for each other. There is not commitment to purchase any future sessions or move forward in any way until after your free session. 

Once we have agreed to move forward, I offer sessions in a variety of packages as well as offering individual sessions, as follows; 

1 x Single Session

4 x Weekly Sessions

12 x Weekly Sessions






(£50 per session)


(£35 per session)

No Commitment - Cancel Anytime
All Unused Sessions Will Be Refunded

Life Coach.png

Still not sure what Life Coaching is?

I have written an entire blog breaking down exactly what the process looks like and a step-by-step guide to what I do - CLICK HERE

It will take less that 10 minutes to read.

What Is

If the end goal is happiness, and that should certainly be at least part of your mission, then you need to understand where happiness comes from.  Happiness is a feeling but not one that you feel all the time or something that you possess. You will have differing levels of happiness in different aspects of life. Nobody is happy or unhappy in totality and believing that this is the case only makes you feel bad because you do not feel constantly happy about everything all of the time. 

It is my belief that, in any aspect of life, happiness can be identified if two parts are present; if you are enjoying something and you are trying to improve it! One without the other is not enough. 

It goes without saying that if you are not enjoying something then it does not make you happy, but I believe that even if you are enjoying something without any intent on improving it, the enjoyment will disappear and the happiness will go with it. If you enjoy something, you should care about it enough to want to improve it. 

This works in constant circular motion and the starting point is determined by your circumstances. Take your career. Do you enjoy it? If not, then you need to improve to the point that you do enjoy it.  If you do enjoy it, then you still need to be making progress to avoid it going stale.

The important part is to find a balance between enjoyment and improving. You cannot allow for the notion that you want to improve something to take away from the enjoyment of it. It is a delicate balance that can be hard to strike because you have to find a way to say you want better without saying that what you already have is not enough. These appear to contradict each other, but they don't. Although difficult to manage, this is a requirement of happiness. 

Look at any good relationship, both people will get enjoyment from it but you will always be striving to make the relationship better. Spending time together, making more memories, opening up more. You are always adding more & improving the relationship. If you ever stop doing this, the relationship does not rest in a place of constant , steady enjoyment. It withers. There is no magic number of memories that you need to make together that will sustain a relationship forever, it needs to be constantly worked on. Acknowledging that you want to improve your relationship does not mean that you do not enjoy the relationship as it is. Like everything else, you need both elements to be happy in the relationship. 

A lack of movement or progress is inertia. Inertia is not enjoyable. 

happiness cycle_png.png

As your Life Coach I will help you to navigate this cycle in all aspects of your life so that you are gaining happiness in your relationships, career and everywhere else. 

The temptation to stay in the same place will always be there because it can be comfortable - even easy, but it will not give you any happiness in the long-term. 

Happiness comes from living the life you want, doing the things you want to do and finding balance between all of your interests and desires. I want to help you find that.

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