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I have been working as a Life Coach since early last year (2022) and earlier this year I launched my website, podcast, blog and SubStack. Although it is difficult to establish a framework for multiple streams of income, while offering services that I believe are valuable to potential clients and everyone my work touches, I believe it is the only way that I can have a positive impact on the world – which is what I want to do.

Life Coaching

With Life Coaching, I help people to achieve the things that they want to achieve. I enjoy the process of planning and executing medium and longterm goals. Sometimes you may need help in your mode of thinking, such as overcoming limiting beliefs. I use Neuro Linguistic Programming (which basically means changing the process of thinking) to help you alter the process of getting to your goal.


Writing is my way of expanding on my own thoughts and rationalising them. It is how I test my opinions and thoughts before expressing them to other people. Further conversation and private thought can always change opinions but I think it is useful to have a foundational opinion on things before I talk about them. I think it is useful to share these writings so that others can see my reasoning. Not just me – I think we should all do this.

I have split my public writing into two categories. I write a personal blog, which focuses on my own beliefs, principles and thoughts. I also write on SubStack, which focuses on things that are going on in the world that I believe need either a closer look or a more honest look.


I started my podcast, Right Here in January 2023. I am still trying to figure out how to express myself here. I find it very strange to talk to a camera instead of a person but I am trying. I have plans to bring guests to the podcast but I also want to be able to do this solo. 

This is another form of expressing what I believe is important and trying to reach people. This is one of the most challenging things that I have done because there are no social cues, which usually assist a conversation. I am also trying to talk about subjects that people often find difficult to interact with. You can find the podcast on YouTube and Spotify on the links below. 

  • Spotify
  • YouTube

If you want to know more about me, my blog is the best place to start or reach out to me. 

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