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Aaron Benedict

Life Coach, Podcaster, Blogger,

Sports Fanatic.

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Life Coaching can help you;

Create Accountability To Your Life Goals.

Commit To A Structured Focus On Your Goals.

Keep Your Life Moving Forward.

Maximize What You Do In Your Life.

Look At Your Life Holistically.

Life Coaching is one way you can take control of your life and make sure things are going in a direction that you want. I believe every single person needs to find some way of taking control of their own lives, whether Life Coaching is right for you or not. I have tried many ways of doing this, but none are as effective as Life Coaching.

I will explain what Life Coaching with me looks like. It is structured in a way to make sure everything gets addressed as effeciently as possible. Each week we will spend one hour together on the phone, the same time every week. Before your first session, I need to get an idea of what your current goals are. You will make a list of your personal and professional goals - the bigger the better. Then we get to work. 

Each session starts with reviewing your recent progress on your goals. This part of your initial session will take longer than others but the aim is to find out what you have done to progress with each goal. Typically in the first session, people will not have done much. Do not feel bad, that is why we are here. When people have big goals, it is hard to know where to start. It is difficult not to look at goals as one big action, which if we are honest is intimidating. It is then easy to walk away from. And most often, people do walk away. If you don't have a way to manage your goals, you will most likely walk away from them - it's that simple. One of the most useful parts of Life Coaching is breaking your big goals down into steps you can take immediately, which forms your weekly action plan. From your second session onwards, we will be reviewing your action plan at the start of every session. 

The next thing we will do is review all of your goals, and set new ones. The reason I do this is because our lives our constantly changing and so will our goals. It is helpful to look holistically at all of your goals and make sure they are going to fit together in the life you want. There will be times when one goal will take priority over another and cannot both exist - there is only so much time in a day. Ultimately Life Coaching is used to make sure you are happy in your life and part of that is knowing what to prioritise at any given time.

Then we move onto identifying immediate steps that you can take towards your goals, meaning what you can do in the next week. If one of your goals is to set up a business, that may take time. You might need start-up money, to alter your current working life and to decide how you are going to advertise. Starting a business can take time. But this week you can identify exactly who your target market is or pinpoint exactly what you will offer potential customers. So instead of holding onto an idea forever, you can make genuine progress with it. This is what Life Coaching is all about. These small continual progressions will add up.  

The final thing we do with our hour together it to create that action plan. To decide what steps you can take with each of your goals and put it in writing. Before we say goodbye, we will agree exactly what you expect from yourself in the following week and how that will progress each goal that you have. I will then put that into an action plan and send it to you. Remember, these are your goals and I am only helping you manage them but I will expect you to make the progress that you want to make. This creates accountability both to me and to yourself. 

I have always loved to write. I think it is because it is an outlet for my thoughts, emotions and ideas. I have a habit of thinking things through right to the end point, or at least as far as I am capable of doing so. It isn't vital that I am fully invested in a topic, it might just be a slight interest or a popular topic and the time, but I am commited to forming solid opinions. That is how my brain works - I almost need definitive answers to questions that I pose in my head before I can let it settle and offer an opinion. That definitive answer, in my head, might be that I do not have the answer. That is usually enough. At least I have a solid opinion that I do not know. 

I do concede that the final answer in my head is only based on the information that I had available when I arrived there, so I can change my mind easily if new information presents itself. Although, because I am so keen to think things through initially, I do try to get as much information as I can in the beginning, so new information can take some time to come across. People close to me will insist that it is hard to change my mind, but it really isn't; you just have to offer new information. 

Until now, the vast majority of my writing has been partially wasted. I write it, I read it, I edit it until I see it as finnished and finally I leave it saved in an obscure folder on my computer. Hidden - not as secret but by default. It is not totally wasted becasue I have enjoyed it and it has helped form a solid opinion that I lean on. Rely on. Perhaps it is time to do more with my writing, my thoughts, my ideas. That is what MY BLOG is for. Please forgive the spelling and grammatical errors. That it not what I edit for. I edit so that it makes sense in my head and forms a sound argument to rely on. 

Don't worry, I will not bore anyone with my thoughts of the past. I will start afresh and do it as often as time allows. Through this, people will get some insight into some percentage of what I think about and how I form opinions. I would also welcome feedback, debate and new information. This is about me learning as much as anything else. 

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